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Wow that’s my wife”… he says, as he watches her walk across the room. This expression of love and admiration is what I witnessed over and over again as a child.  The “He” is my father and the “She” is my mother.  Soft, gentle, and unexpected kisses, warm embraces all followed by playful laughter are all expressions of love I’ve grown to appreciate and expect. My parents have the type of love that people dream of, and there began my quest to help others experience love on a deeper level. 


I have been on my own personal journey, seeking the same expression of love I witnessed as a child.  Perhaps, there may have been a few false starts in my own journey.  However, the hopeless romantic in me lives by the words of Maya Angelou, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” This statement embodies the essence of my being;  my sole purpose is to teach and remind those who may not know or who have forgotten, that love always surrounds us. Communication and touch are the foundations of wellness in relationships. I’m here to delve deep with those who are willing to examine and reevaluate these fundamental principles.

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